An Update to the Direction We Are Moving In

With 1,090 Book titles in print and 279 ebooks, we are taking our business up to another exciting level.

We will soon be launching a new website: Mel Waller Success Academy.

It will contain free content, but also include a membership at some point in the future. We will be providing Course to help you publish your own ebooks & books as well as information so you can be successful in business and in life.

Mel Waller International will link and be the hub to all of our businesses which will include:

Mel Waller Success Academy

Life Transformation Publishing

St Athanasius Press

Affiliate Business Resources Library

and our Affiliate Business

along with Mentoring if needed.

We are very excited about this, because my whole life has been about helping others and I can’t think of a better way than how we are going to expand our efforts.

Stay Tuned!

Mel Waller

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