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On this site, will be our public blog and helping to direct you to our membership site that we just launched at the end of September 2020 and to our community when we launch that.

The Mel Waller Success Academy Membership Site

While our public blog can be found at Mel Waller Success Academy, we will have a private blog within our membership site as well free and paid Courses along with free and paid eBooks and Mentoring offered as well. 

The membership site can be found at The Mel Waller Success Academy, a sub domain of the above site.

In the beginning there will only be the Free Mel Waller Success Academy Membership until we have enough value content to justify the paid memberships. There will ALWAYS be the Free membership available which includes free courses, ebooks and our Private Blog there. 

Early Free members will receive a discount once we offer our paid memberships.

After we have about 25 free members, we will add a community and provide the link to it. It will be available to all Mel Waller Success Academy members for free. It will be on our own website. We felt we could provide you a better experience and avoid the downsides to a FB group.

Please excuse the dust as construction continues on our membership site.

Courses Currently Offered on the membership site include:

Introduction to Creating eBooks  (Free)

Coming Soon!

30 Day Challenge to Create Your 1st eBook  (Part of Paid membership)

eBooks Currently Offered include: 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill  (Free)

This is all happening NOW!

I am setting aside all my other businesses and projects to dedicate myself to adding content consistently to the membership site. 

I have hundreds of eBooks that I will be adding soon as well as course and will be working as fast as I can to have this ready for you. 

Any questions can be emailed to:

Please feel free to join. 

This is about helping you to become more successful in all that you do.

Mel Waller

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