One Very Busy Year At Mel Waller International

It’s been just over a year since I posted here at, but that inactivity doesn’t mean I haven’t been very busy. Just the opposite! I have been extremely busy working on all my businesses.

So what does Mel Waller International consist of?

To date, my main business or source of income for living the laptop life has been my publishing business where I publish books and ebooks.

In March 2019, I became involved with Affiliate Marketing and using SEO to drive free organic traffic to my websites and I was able to produce income early on.

Mostly, I was selling my books/ebooks via Amazon, but this past year, I have set up 2 ecommerce websites to pick up additional sales and income.

I joined a community of Affiliate Marketers and I blog there regularly and have made many great connections over the past year. One of the best things that I did this past year.

Plans for the year going forward include building a channel on YouTube and creating business courses.

Successful Publishing in 2020

Publishing has come a long way since I published my 1st hardcover book in December 2000.

It costs me $2500 to have 100 copies made.

Today, you can have a title set up for free. How many book titles could you produce for free? It’s unlimited!

As of today, March 14th, 2020, I have 1045 book titles in print and around 277 ebooks.

Publishing has been very good to me and it isn’t as difficult as one might think. It’s a matter of learning what you have to do and then executing.

I’ll keep adding titles and none of these will ever go out of print.

That’s long term passive income. Long after I am gone, my family will still be benefiting from the work I have done.

Never Give Up book cover

Successful Affiliate Marketing in 2020

I was fortunate when I finally got involved with affiliate marketing. I almost got taken in with the MOBE scam, but the FTC shut them down before I really committed to them.

Sadly, there are too many people getting rich off of people looking to build their own businesses online.

LISTEN! Unless you want to try your luck at buying lottery tickets, there is NO GET RICH QUICK Formula!

And these scammers prey on people who just want to get rich quick and are willing to pay out lots of money which is only getting the scammers rich.

Can you get rich online? YES!

Notice I did not say “quick”.

But with learning the essentials, taking consistent action, finding a community that can support you and NEVER EVER GIVING UP, you can build a successful and profitable business(es).

When I see people advertising and sitting in front of their new expensive car in front of their mansion maybe even surrounded by babes in swimsuits, that is nothing but a huge Red Flag to me. Be very wary about anything they have to say.

Honestly, do you even know if they truly own that?

Then the question is, how did they get the money to buy that?

I met a couple while dining out on the deck of a 5 star hotel In the Philippines. My wife and I invited ourselves to sit with them and I found we had many things in common including he published new original books from authors he helped to promote.

It sounded great. It sounded like this is where he was making his money to support his living the laptop lifestyle. I always like to hear success stories.

It was only later through research that I learned they really made their fortune through investing in bitcoin, but they projected as if it came from their publishing business to attract authors who would pay to have their books published and no guarantee the book would actually be successful.

It was very disappointing to learn this and I cut my times with them completely.

If you want to be very successful, learn to fulfill other’s needs, learn to serve others and do so honestly.

Successful eCommerce in 2020

Since I publish reprints of mostly public domain books, I have just let them sell naturally on Amazon, wholesale and retail.

I didn’t do very much at all to market them. Why?

Since the books were firmly established years ago, potential buyers are already searching either for the book title or the author and they can easily find it on amazon or in a search engines’ search results that will take them to Amazon.

I publish under 2 different imprints so I started 2 websites to sell those books directly online and I’ll make more net income per book sold by cutting out the middle man/woman. I also will have my customer info. Something I don’t have with Amazon.

I do have one bookstore that orders wholesale through me. That’s another area that could be improved upon.

I also sell my books on ebay.

There are so many ways to sell your products online and even more ways to market them.

Successful Networking in 2020

I believe it’s important to surround ourselves with other like-minded successful people. As part of my Affiliate Marketing efforts, I joined a community which also provides a vast amount of expert training and NO upsells.

I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn as they have new live training every week. I am not going to mention them by name because I am not here with this post to promote anything to you. I am just sharing my journey and I am sure in future posts you will learn more specific information if you are interested in exactly what I am doing. We each have our own paths to take.

Partly as a result of my sharing posts in that network, I have a following of 6,300 people so far and I am friends with a number of the members.

It pays off in many ways. If I have a question, I can just post the question and start getting answers fairly quickly. I can private message members seeking advice.

I’m inspired and motivated by their success stories and we can learn from each others mistakes along the way.

In Conclusion

I hope you are on track and being successful in whatever you are doing.

Dreaming and making goals are not enough.

We have to take consistent action and build a solid foundation which we can expand or scale up from there and it’s important to enjoy the journey!

To Your Success!

Mel Waller

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