What’s My Life About?

What’s my Life about?

Maybe you have asked this yourself more than once. I know I have at different times in my life including recently. Perhaps some of what I will share here will resonate with you.

They Say We Can’t Take It With Us So What Can We Leave Behind?

For a long time now, I stopped collecting things.

For me, experiences and memories was what was most important for me to collect and I still do. They make my life richer. I grow much more from all my experiences. It broadens my perspective about things. Life is never dull.

I’m 61 as of this post and I have been thinking how to get more out of life. I have always loved helping people and I have decided for me that the rest of my life is going to be about the legacy I leave behind for the world to enjoy.

What Can We Leave Behind As Part of Our Legacy?

There are so many things we can leave behind that can benefit others. It doesn’t have to be about leaving cash or property behind. What about sharing our wisdom with the world? What about sharing our love with the world?

Our love doesn’t have to end when we leave this world. I believe our love can ripple through time and space forever!

How can that be?

Here’s a good example.

In October 2015, I saved a motorcyclist’s life. He had crashed his motorcycle and when I arrived he had been laying on the ground for at least a few minutes with a crowd of people all around him. No one was doing anything although I imagine at least some may have called for help.

I knelt down next to the man and saw he was conscious and he was moving his arms slightly so I felt it was safe to gently touch his right arm to offer comfort as shock even without injuries can lead to death.

He has a very bad gash above his right eye and the blood is oozing out. There is blood soaked into the ground under his head. I know from my first aid training in the U.S. Marines that a person can bleed to death in as little as 12 minutes so time is not on his side. I give money for someone to go across the street and purchase toilet tissue and then I apply that with pressure to his wound to at least slow the wound.

Finally a pick up truck arrives and we with great care gently lift and put the man in the back of the truck and I instruct one of the other men to keep pressure on the wound.

It would be 2 weeks later before I would learn the man survived. He spent a week in the hospital recovering. I believe firmly that without my intervention, he would have died. An ambulance would not have saved him because in this Asian country the ambulance personnel have no training.

So please compare the difference if this man had died in October 2015 to the fact that he lived and could live for many more years. How does that impact the future of EVERYONE around him? His family, friends, co-workers and total strangers. Everyone is impacted by his continuing to be on this earth. Can you see now how my act of love in this case can ripple through space and time?

Love Rippling Through Space and Time Forever

Now take a simple act of smiling at someone when you are walking down the street. Could that have a life altering affect? Sure it could. If that person were depressed or even worse suicidal at that point in time that smile could very well save their life! We don’t know what’s happening in the lives of others and sometimes it doesn’t take much to push them over the edge OR to pull them back.

Even if you just made someone’s day a little brighter, how might that impact them and everyone else they meet? And the effect can just keep going from there.

My Legacy Through Writing and Mentoring Others

Many are reprints, but I have published 1000 book titles and over 300 ebooks. The books are Print on Demand POD so they never go out of print. They can be selling and touching lives long after I am gone and I hope to write more books of a personal nature sharing my many amazing experiences that life has taught me.

I will be sharing some of that on this website.

Whenever someone is open to learn, I love working with others to help them live a better life in whatever way possible. It could be in improving their mindset or a relationship or even in business matters. If I believe I can be of help then I am more than willing to do my best in that regard whether it’s gratis or for pay.

Even with the internet and all the knowledge that’s available for the world, there remains a lot of ignorance and an over-abundance of misinformation. People just don’t realize how much that works against them and how it affects their having a better quality life.


What about YOUR life? What are you doing to enjoy your life to the fullest now? Are you serving others? What will you leave behind to make this a better world?

It’s something to think about.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts about this.

Please leave a comment below and I will respond to all comments.

If you need some simple advice perhaps I can help. If you are looking for Coaching or Mentorship, I might be able to assist you there also.

Please bookmark this website as I will be adding lots of valuable and free information. If you want to learn a little more About Mel go to that link.

Live and Love with Passion!

Thank You for Visiting!

Mel Waller

Legacy of Love

4 thoughts on “What’s My Life About?”

  1. That’s quite a story about your saving the man’s life. I haven’t got any tales of saving lives myself but I do have lots of stories that grow out of my life. I was a librarian in public libraries and a few years ago I wrote a trilogy of cozy mysteries where the librarian protagonist resembled me… did make her prettier though! Now I’ve found my sweet spot, writing a series of memoirs of my life, some very short, some longer. Going around the world at 19, being on a workcamp in Africa, taking LSD as a research subject and finding God, being the child of a science fiction writer, falling in love with a hippie… that’s about half!

  2. Thanks Rosana!

    It’s amazing the things we forget.

    I failed to heed my father’s advice. He suggested that I keep a diary especially when I joined the U.S. Marines and I didn’t do it.

    I’m encouraged more when I share my stories and hear people are genuinely interested so the time to write about my life needs to be sooner than later.

    Wishing you much success!

    Mel Waller


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